Address Quality

Ensuring Deliverability

Virtually every organisation collects, stores and uses address data. From direct marketing, to order fulfilment and billing, accurate addresses lead to better results.

The negative consequences of incorrect addresses go beyond delayed mail. Wasted materials, lost opportunities and reduced customer satisfaction plague organisations with poor address quality. Address quality affects the lifeblood of every organisation.

What Address Quality Delivers

An address quality solution protects your investment in lead generation and customer retention programs, ensures the deliverability of your mail, makes your communications more effective and eliminates considerable waste. In short, it saves your organisation money.

  • Eliminate postage, materials and time wasted on undeliverable mail
    - instantly increase ROI on direct mail
  • Deliver packages and mail more quickly - the first time

How to Improve Address Quality

Increase the quality of your addresses with point-of-entry address verification and regular database cleansing with Royal Mail Certified software.

A good address quality solution will deliver:

  • Standardised address data  - correct spelling and abbreviations, and add missing address elements - properly addressed mail gets delivered faster
  • Verified deliverability - confirm that an address exists in the Royal Mail PAF database as a delivery point - reduce undeliverable mail
  • A recipient's most recent address - update the addresses of people and businesses that have moved
  • Removal of duplicates  - each duplicate doubles the cost of reaching a single prospect
  • Point-of-entry address validation - Call centre employees or website visitors receive real-time address validation 

The Fast Track to Better Address Quality

Integrated address quality solutions deliver the most efficient and long-lasting increase in the overall quality of your organisation's addresses.

The MailRoom ToolKit family of products delivers solutions to:

  • Validate addresses before they are entered into your database
  • Correct addresses already in your database
  • Update addresses in your database as people and businesses move

If you use third party mailing lists, use Bulk Mailer to clean, update and correct the addresses. The mailings will be more effective and qualify for the greatest applicable postage discounts.

Address Worldwide

Address formats can vary considerably. In Ireland there are no postcodes and in The Netherlands the house number comes after the street name. Save costs on postage by using our Data Cleansing tool. High quality Address Worldwide corrects and completes addresses and gives suggestions for addresses that cannot be recognised.


Email Worldwide

An email address always contains an @ and a domain name. But how do you know the domain name is valid? And even if it is, does that guarantee that the email will be received? This tool is developed to help validate and suggest e-mail addresses. Tests show that 60% of the incorrectly spelled domain names can be corrected by implementing this tool.